Maybe this week?

I’m hoping to have my shunt issues resolved before the end of this week. Last week my neurosurgeon was out of town and I of course had a bad shunt week.  My symptoms are getting more frequent. Yesterday I had somewhere over 17 incidents of pain on my shunt valve, fluid buildup and pain on the catheter in the right side of my neck.  My log from yesterday is as follows:

– fluid buildup in forehead at 5am.  Pain
in back of head at 8:12am. Pain down right side of neck and at top of head
around 8:50am, 8:55am, 9:51am, 11am. Pain on valve at 9:05am, 9:25am, 9:30am,
10:06am, 10:11am-10:17am. Clogging on right side of neck at 10:28am. Pain on
right side of neck on catheter at 11:20am. 
Fluid buildup in forehead around 11:50am,
4:48pm into evening hours past 5pm. Throbbing and pain on shunt valve and right
side catheter at 12pm, 12:18pm, 12:20pm, 12:23pm, 1:30pm, multiple times
between 1:54pm-1:58pm. 2:05pm, 2:07pm, 2:36pm, 2:47pm-2:50pm, 3pm, 3:10pm,
3:38pm (while driving), 4:51pm.  Sharp
pain on valve at 5:35pm. Took one asprin at 4:30pm only alleviated the pain in
catheter side of neck but not pain on shunt valve.  Pain again on shunt valve multiple times at
6:42pm-6:44pm, 8:11pm. 
Then this morning:

buildup in back of head and forehead starting around 5am.  Pain on shunt valve at 2am.  Pain on right side of neck on catheter
at 8:19pm.  Sharp pain on shunt
valve at 9:23am, 10:40am, 11:16am, 11:19pm, 12:15pm, 2:25pm.  11:20pm pain on right side of head and
in back. 12:06pm pain on left side. Throbbing on top left side of head around
1:30pm and again at 2pm.  Sharp
pain on shunt valve around 4:20pm, 5:49pm-5:51pm (multiple times), 6:21pm, 6:45pm.
Sharp pain on right side of neck on catheter behind ear at 7:20pm, 7:23pm.
7:41pm, 8pm, 8:16pm. Pain in back right corner of head at 8:10pm, 8:15pm.