Life with a shunt. (2018) Animated – 4 minutes.  Synopsis: Veronica explores what it’s like to live with a cerebral shunt and how having the device impacts her daily living. Her experience does not reflect everyone’s experience having this type of medical device. *This film is best viewed after Shunt Chronicles: My Brain, Art and School.*

Shunt Chronicles: My brain, art and school. (2015) Live Action and Animation –  26 minutes.   Synopsis: Veronica went in for a routine shunt revision surgery and something happens which changes everything.  In this animated and live action film,  she explores her challenges and adventures living with hydrocephalus.

Orange 3 (2008) Color, Two Dimensional Animation – 3 minutes (Non-Narrative/Experimental)

Butter Pecan (2004) Color,  Two Dimensional Animation – 3 minutes. Synopsis: Two girls and a goldfish have a strange encounter at the local diner.

Cookin’ (2002) Black and White 35mm film, Stop Motion Animation – 10 minutes. Synopsis: A sock monkey enjoys some leisure time at the local park…until some visitors arrive.