A new shunt for the Holidays?

Since last Wednesday, I haven’t had much of an appetite.  Most likely due to the csf fluid not properly re-absorbing into my stomach and re-circulating around my body like it’s suppose to. I’ve had severe stomach pains since the middle of last week where I’ve felt my stomach convulse in very strange ways. I’ve felt the catheter in my stomach clog up several times. All of this in combination with the pains in my neck and head.  I’ve mentioned in past posts that the catheters in my neck and stomach need to be replaced as they’ve been in place since 1993. Perhaps after the tests I’ll get tomorrow, I’ll get some new hardware.  Having to deal with this again so soon upsets me.  It will be my third shunt revision in 4 years. It will be nice to not feel the shunt, as it’s been giving me issues since July.