Anniversaries, Part II

Today is the one year anniversary of the eye surgery I had to correct my vision as a result of my multiple brain injuries in March 2014.  I’ve been driving for a year and I’ve gotten more comfortable in the car.

I’m still trying to navigate how to effectively deal with the pain from the injuries I had. I have throbbing pain on the left side of my brain (where my shunt used to be) Additionally, the shunt causes pain as well and has a mind of its own. There’s throbbing in the back of my head by my cerebellum (from the chiari malformation from the shunt over-draining from 2009-2014) Tingling on the top right and left sides of my head. There are pains from the distal catheter portion of my shunt in my stomach/abdomen.  The distal catheter pumps csf fluid into my abdomen, it burns. I hear the shunt too, only in my right, ear where I am tone deaf.

Pain medication does nothing to alleviate my symptoms. The neurologist I’ve been seeing since 2014, thinks the pain I feel in my head is because I’m depressed. I know this is not the case. The medication I was given to treat my ‘depression’ does nothing to alleviate my symptoms.  The good news is he was concerned about me when I saw him earlier this month. I’m convinced when I see him again in June, he’ll finally see my symptoms are not from “depression’ and are a direct result of the trauma I experienced in 2014.

Signed copies of the film based on my brain injuries is available here.