Anniversaries can be both weird or not so weird. Today it’s been two years since my multiple brain injuries. I consider myself very fortunate that I didn’t develop hydrocephalus ex-vacuo as a result of my injuries. The first anniversary was a challenge to get through as I still had double vision and was anticipating my upcoming eye muscle surgery on March 19, 2015.  My misaligned eyes was a reminder of what had happened to me.  However, the second anniversary was easier mostly due to my eyesight being corrected and I’m feeling better than I was last year (when I still had numbness in my muscles and tendons. )

Still trying figure out a way to deal with the pain I feel as a result of the injuries I had.  Since 2014, I’ve had pain in the back of my head by my cerebellum due to the chiari malformation I acquired from the shunt revision in 2009.  I also have slit ventricle syndrome as a result of my shunt over draining between 2009-2014.  I feel pain in the nerves and the ventricles due to the damage and my body still searching for the shunt to be on the left side of my brain. I’ve tried sleeping on my right side, which has helped a little with the pain issues on the left side of my brain.

I’ll be celebrating my injuries as a second birthday all month. In 2014 I was in rehab from March 11 – April 5.  Today I went to the movies and it was nice to get out of the house.  I’m not able to work right now and I’m home 90% of the week. Things will be this way until I start vocational rehab sometime this summer.