Post Brain Injuries and then some

Next week I will see the neuro-opthmologist I had seen during the summer. He had suggested I wait until the 6 months after my multiple brain injuries to begin discussing options for surgery.

I am however, getting restless at times regarding my upcoming eye surgery. I know everything will go well, it’s just I have to wait until January of next year to have my eye corrected. Which means I’ll continue to have double vision until then in addition to the tape covering my right eye.  It will be nice to  see out of both my lenses.

I have trust issues with neurosurgeons since my surgery in 2009 and the most recent one this past March.   Like in any profession, there are good eggs and rotten ones.  I have had both good and bad doctors. There is a part of me that knows my shunt won’t be put in backwards again. However, there is portion of me which is doubtful and doesn’t trust surgeons. It will take some time for me to earn the trust of another neurosurgeon.  According to the doctors at Columbia Hospital ( in New York City ) I cannot see a neurosurgeon until I have surgery. In the meantime, I have to see a neurologist. I understand why I need to see a neurologist, however my concern is who will be operating when I come into the ER with an obstructed shunt? Apparently I will have two doctors when this occurs: one main surgeon then a backup for him in case he’s not available. I don’t think this will happen again for maybe 7-15 years since the shunt it on the correct side now….

My hope is sometime soon, these genius inventors will come up with a way to predict when the shunt is going to stop working.  It doesn’t make sense I know when the orange juice expires but not when the shunt is going to stop working…..

We need Star Trek technology where you know in five minutes what’s wrong with  the patient and how to resolve the issue.