Ears and then some

I had surgery and multiple brain injuries in March, went to rehab for three months ( one month as an inpatient then two months for outpatient therapy ) and was back in school by April.  In August I returned to art which was a struggle cognitively. Since September, I’ve been interning at a local hospital three days a week and going to classes all day on Saturdays and twice a month on Wednesdays.  Tonight and all day tomorrow I’m taking some time off for myself…..

I can understand why the neurologist I was seeing at Helen Hayes thought I was crazy when I told him I was ready to return to school so soon after all this mess…I have attention issues, I have to really focus and pay attention to certain things. My energy level fluctuates from high to low.  When I have to interact with a variety of people, perform tasks, walking from here to there it take a lot of energy physically and mentally. Technically I’m still in the first year of recovery from a stroke and two brain hemorrhages….

Two months ago I had the hearing in my right ear tested. I could hear a continuous tone, the ear felt full and the sound was diminished. I would also feel a sharp pain inside my ear. I had my hearing tested again this morning and my right ear is almost back to “normal” I noticed the change recently and wasn’t surprised when I heard the news. I no longer hear a tone in my right ear or feel the fullness I had felt before. When people speak, I can hear a slight echo of the voices around me whether it’s from the television, or others speaking. Receiving sound inside my right ear is causing me slight pain, i.e. pressing the phone to my right ear. The tonal quality of voices and sounds in the right ear is distorted. Not sure if this will go away. I am suppose to see the ear doctor again in December.  I hope in six weeks I no longer hear and echo in my right ear….

Next thing which needs to be fixed is my eye…I see an eye surgeon at the end of this month…