I heard my programmable cerebral shunt beep several times during the early morning hours and I had what felt like small explosions inside my head. I can only hear the device make noises inside my right ear.  (where I am tone deaf) Since my brain injuries, I have special powers now. I can’t fly or lift buildings, but I can hear the shunt do all kinds of things inside my body.

The beeping and small explosions happened three times this morning between the hours of 1am – 5am.  Perhaps it was adjusting itself.  I hadn’t felt sensations like this in months. The last time I felt the same small explosions and beeping sounds was over the summer in 2015.

If I were on the Starship Enterprise, my shunt would’ve told me verbally what it was actually doing. Like a status update or something.

The elevated pressure inside my head continues as do the scalp pains in different parts of my head. Is it scar tissue? Parts of my body still healing?  Is the shunt working too well? Again, a status update would be helpful.