Round 2

Over the last week, I’ve begun plotting out the remainder of the saga of Gesso. The Book 2 chapter summaries are done and all that is left is to iron out the second half, maybe even move around some chapters.  One thing still lingers on my mind as I read over my chapter summaries: Should I combine both halves of part 2 into one book, making it a total of 24 chapters? Or should I stick to the original plan of making them separate books? Both seem like reasonable solutions. Originally with part 2 I wanted to keep them as separate entities just because so much happens during each half, I didn’t want the reader to have a severe information overload. If I were to combine both parts the title would need to be changed. But if I keep them separated, I wouldn’t need to change the titles.

Since the books will be sold primarily online, it would be fun to organize book signings at AC Moore Arts & Crafts…more on that later….vjb