Since December 2013, I’ve been prescribed three pain medications, all for the treatment of headaches: Percocet, Divalproex SOD ER and Propranolol. None of these alleviated my shunt pain symptoms.  The Divalproex made me sleepy and dizzy.  The Percocet exacerbated my symptoms and the Proranolol didn’t do anything.  The shunt pain is simultaneous with the pain behind my right ear and in my stomach/abdomen. I spoke with the neurologist today about my symptoms and he offered to up my dosage of 60 MG Propranolo to something higher even though I had already told him it wasn’t doing anything.  No more drugs for me, until I get back in the hospital. 

Since I’m not going to be using my drugs I’m going to have them recycled at CVS Pharmacy.  When I went to pick up the Propranolol last week, I saw a sign by the check-out counter about CVS drug recycling.  The way I see it, I can recycle these and perhaps they can be reused to help someone who will actually benefit from them.