Hair growth

My hair is growing back, quickly as usual. Although I’m concerned about the gurgling sounds I hear from the middle of my stomach.  These sounds are associated with a bad taste in my mouth. My doctor is aware of this and I’ll have to see him again next month. I suspect my shunt is not re-absorbing the way it’ suppose to. It was in the wrong way for five years, since 2009 and it’s now back in it’s correct position on my right side. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s having these issues because of what happened over the last five years. Or it could just be because I’ve had one since I was three months old. Since I can’t be compensated for it being in the wrong way, because of the stature of limitations in New York, ( they only allow two years after the surgery to file for medical malpractice). I wrote letters to my state senator, because laws need to be changed. Many people have died from their shunts being moved from it’s original location. It’s obvious to me, that once this happens all sorts of problems can occur. I’ve heard stories from other people with shunts whose systems were moved and they started to have all sorts of issues. This should not be allowed to happen.