Eye patch

The neuro-opthamologist examined my eyes yesterday and determined neither one of my eyes has any permanent nerve damage from the brain injury I sustained on March 6. I was happy to hear this news because it could’ve easily gone the other way ( i.e. color, peripheral vision damage ). He wants me to wait two months before getting prism lenses to wear which would allow for my vision to line up together. It appears my right eye is healing on it’s own and it can take months for it to return where it was before. I can continue with the eye exercises, but the reality is my right eye won’t sync to the  left eye while it’s partially paralyzed. I suspect everything else will heal around the same time (.i.e  – numbness around my mouth, eye issues ). Not sure yet how I’m going to return to illustrating my books with one eye. It’s going to be a challenge, but at the same time I don’t have anything else to do while I’m home recovering.