Dear shunt, I hate you.

X Ray image of my shunt from 2016.

At least last weekend was better. This week my shunt has been misbehaving causing pain, throbbing sensations during different days. Today has been the worst day so far. (aside from when the eclipse happened over the summer. ) I was up off and on during the early morning hours from shunt pain.  The only reason why I didn’t stay in bed with my head buried underneath a pillow was because I’m suppose to volunteer for a few hours this morning into the early afternoon. I hope I feel better when I return home later today. I checked the weather report and see there will be rain in my area this evening. As mentioned before, my shunt ( like many others ) predicts and reacts to the weather. I also have right eye pain this morning from the TMJ and some nausea from the shunt. At least the shunt is not beeping like it did in 2016.