4.05 miles

Snapshot of the t-shirt I received.

Yesterday, I participated in a walk for literacy event in my area. I walked 10,661 steps, 4.05 miles which took about one hour and 28 minutes. I almost didn’t go yesterday, as the head and shunt pain was bad in the morning, making me not want to get out of bed. The only reason why I made myself get out was because I had registered for the walk and made a donation. I’m glad I participated, as when the walk was over, my head and shunt pain was gone. This lasted until it returned for a short time in the evening until going away again.

This morning, forehead and back of head pain returned. The shunt, for now, is behaving itself. I still have head pain about and hour after eating and taking pain reliever medicine, so I hope it will be either gone or greatly reduced by the afternoon.