Dear shunt: I hate you, part III

Trip to 5 Wits

It’s going to snow at some point during this week, I know this because I was checked the weather report. And as usual, my shunt is aware of the change in the climate outside and therefore cause pain and dizziness. Last month, I went with a friend to 5 Wits at my local shopping mall. Despite my shunt being unruly, I still managed to have a great time. This also allowed me to get out of the house.

Today there is right eye pain along with some nausea from the shunt.  I still went out to volunteer with my local Meals on Wheels and when I was done, I returned home to put my head down.

Oreos on a stick during wedding reception.

I noticed in some social situations, where there are gatherings of many people I get sensory overload. I didn’t have this issue before my brain injuries. Sometimes I have a challenge with expressing myself like describing emotions.  This happens with speech and in writing. It takes me a while to hand write a note or letter to someone. I can feel the the information get stuck inside my brain and it struggles to get onto paper or in words.

It’s frustrating.

Especially when in the moment, I may not realize why there’s confusion inside my head only to realize after the fact what happened. I went to a friend’s wedding this weekend was so happy to be there and like 5 Wits I had a great time. I still was able to recognize when I needed to be alone sometimes for cognitive reasons related to brain injury. Sometimes after a brain injury, the brain isn’t able to filter all the information it’s receiving at the same time. We don’t realize sometimes how much processing we’re doing on a daily basis.

I’m still trying to get used to this new brain/body. The learning continues…