Adjustments and four paws

Image of my x ray with shunt.

Either my shunt is adjusting itself…. maybe it’s just being moody or anticipating the thunderstorm which should be arriving in my area on Thursday….There are a few days (if I’m lucky) where I can get relief from shunt pain and nausea. Then there’s the scar tissue pain from what happened to me in 2014.

My cat Stella with her toy mouse.

I was told by my neurologist the nausea from the distal catheter could be from the shunt adjusting. My neurosurgeon had said he didn’t use ProGav shunt because they are temperamental and are always adjusting themselves.

At least I had a good day yesterday….I still had some pain issues. I was able to keep busy with exercise and some social interaction. Today I am a little grumpy from the pain and discomfort.  I may try exercise again as a distraction later. I find the endorphins help relieve the pain for a little while. My cat Stella knew I wasn’t feeling well last night and early this morning, so she slept outside my door.