And then the doctor said…

My neurologist said my shunt is working. I had concerns about it misbehaving for three weeks and had inquired about having CT and or a shunt series done. She had told me this wasn’t needed unless it was absolutely necessary. Unless my shunt is obstructed and I’m incapacitated and vomiting on the floor, then a CT scan and shunt series is needed for obvious reasons. Otherwise, I wasn’t getting one.

I had an epiphany while visiting my neurologist.

I realized the reason (besides the one mentioned above) scans aren’t necessary right now is because these doctors know my shunt is working and it’s on the correct side of my brain. I’ve come to this conclusion because with my former neurosurgeon (we’ll call Dr. X) who I fired and animated in one of my films…Prior to my injuries in 2014, I was having a MRI every six months.

I’m surprised I didn’t glow pink from all of the scans…

Dr. X, I believe was ordering the tests because he knew my shunt was in the wrong way and why he was monitoring it so closely. Now that my shunt’s been returned to the correct location, there’s no need to be ‘zapped’ so frequently. The medical professionals around me know what happened to me in 2014 and why. They also realize my medical device is working as it should be.

My neurologist did note during my appointment there is weakness on one side of my body. Something she hadn’t seen since I started seeing her in 2015.  For the next six months, I’ll have physical therapy until I see her again in October.

She was happy to hear my shunt and head pain had stopped for the first time in three weeks. I’m also convinced these doctors know programmable shunt valves are temperamental and react to just about everything between the weather, stress, other magnets and various amounts of csf fluid.

The shunt and scalp pain has been minimal this week. Not sure yet when the top left corner of my scalp throbbing will go away yet. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t….so we’ll see.

My medical device can be as temperamental as it wants as long as it means I don’t have to have surgery again.