Aesculap proGav Shunt

After a week of stopping my medication, for the time being, I no longer have tingling pains on the top left and right corners of my head. I have some throbbing on the left top corner of my head and pain from the shunt valve.  This goes away and returns at different times during the day. I read my medical records from 2014, (curious to know more about the small device which throbs at the top of my head) I had thought the anti-siphon device could be disabled, as I thought that was the cause of my shunt pain. 

However, upon reading about the specific model I have: Aesculap proGav Shunt and it does the following: proGAV combines the advantages of an adjustable valve with unsurpassed over drainage protection of the ShuntAssistant valve to create a system that provides the ultimate in patient care and treatment. With this combination, physiological drainage can be maintained in any body position-from supine to upright. 

I realized maybe turning of the anti-siphon device isn’t an option because this shunt has a combination of anti-siphon and adjustable valve.  No end to my shunt pain…yet it makes me wonder about the other shunt models and maybe I can get a different one….I most likely won’t see a new neurosurgeon until the end of August early September….