A Good Day

Today was a better shunt day. For the last two months, I’ve had frequent nausea and pain/throbbing on the shunt valve multiple times during the day. Sometimes, I have pain on the top left part of my head which I believe is from the injuries I had in 2014.

Today was a better, as the pain on the shunt valve wasn’t as strong as it’s been. For example, today the pain on the shunt valve has been a level 5 which is better than it was a few days ago, which was a 10.  I didn’t feel any pressure in my forehead today which was good.  I’ve been playing phone tag with my neurologist and will have an appointment with her soon.  I’ll also have a new shunt series which will show how my shunt is working.  The x rays will show whether the shunt is broken and the CT scan will show how the shunt is functioning.  I expect my new neurosurgeon whenever I see him/her later this summer won’t misread my x rays/scans like my last doctor did.

Not sure why I’m still have the shunt pain issues. Maybe as I may have mentioned in previous posts, it’s because of the type of shunt I have….I just don’t know yet…We’ll have to see once I get the images back.

In the meantime, I saw through an online support group the Hydrocephalus Association is having a conference in Minnesota this weekend.  I found the history of hydrocephalus online which is interesting: History of Hydrocephalus