Adventures in brain surgery

I was home all day on Wednesday (12/25) and yet I was interrupted several times by my shunt:

12/25/13 –
Sharp pain on shunt valve multiple times starting at 2:38am, 6:40am-7:03am,
7:11am, 7:36am-7:38am, 8:02am, 9:52am-9:55am, 10:05am (multiple times) 11:24am,
12:38pm-12:40pm, 1:05pm, 1:39pm, 5:25[m. 5:59pm-6:02pm, 7:05pm, 7:55pm-7:58pm,
8:16pm, 11:30pm. Pain in stomach starting around 6:40am.  Sharp pain on distal catheter (top left of
head) around 5:30am.

My shunt log is 14 pages. I’ve been recording my shunt’s activity sine July 2013.