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In Isle 6

My shunt and chronic pain was mild today.  For about a month now, I’ve been taking the vitamin, Curamin as needed. Curamin has helped a lot with my pain and reduces it by a lot to the point where I can focus better. There are some days, when this doesn’t work like one day last week, where it was very humid outside. I had stayed indoors the entire day. I still felt lousy with head and shunt pain despite taking the Curamin and later taking ibuprofen.  
Taking it as needed has been working for me and is way better than the nerve blocker my neurologist had prescribed a few years ago. The side effects were making my fingers tingle and numb. 

Last month, a Home Sentinel pest repellent was added to one of the walls in my building.  I noticed if I get too close to the device, I can feel the electro magnetic magnetic waves. This sometimes happens when I walk through the small metal detectors. As mentioned in previous posts, I can’t go through the airport security machines because the giant magnet could turn my shunt off or change the settings.  

There’s a robot at my local grocery store and it’s been there for about two months. I try not to get too
Grocery Store robot sliding away to another part of the store

close to it for the same reasons why I don’t walk directly in front of the Home Sentinel. I don’t pick up on any electro magnetic vibes from the robot yet.  It’s funny through seeing other people at the store interact with the robot. Some like myself, avoid it, while other people, like children point and shout at the robot.

I’ve seen some store workers get upset with the robot because it doesn’t seem to respond to verbal commands.

The robot also speaks spanish when it’s lights turn yellow. 
Robot now has large eyes 
Maybe it will get programmed to take verbal commands. All it needs now is a smile to go along with the eyes….