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Paper and then some….

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Paper accounts for more than a third of all recyclables collected in the US, by weight. Nearly forty-five million tons of paper and paperboard were recovered in 2010—a recycling rate of over 63 percent.  While I illustrated my comic books I made sure to recycle each and every page. When I made my animated short films in undergraduate school, I didn’t have the opportunity to recycle all the paper I used. Much of it went into the trash. I calculated a rough estimate of the amount of pages I used while illustrating my comic books. I recycled somewhere around 4,618 sheets of paper and watercolor paper. The recycling continues…..

Episode 25

This weekend I wrapped up episode 25 in graphic novel # 7. The time seems to fly by while illustrating it’s fun to see my characters come to live in color and on paper.  This issue certainly has it’s fair share of drama, explosions and crazy antics. All of this is bittersweet since it means the series finale is approaching. In the meantime, I can enjoy spending time with this group of characters a little bit longer. The first season ( Books 1 – 4 ) focused specifically on visual artists from all over the world and different mediums. During the second season  ( Books 5 – 7 ) I decided to focus on both artists and architecture. Architecture, according to art history, is considered to be a three-dimensional form of sculpture and visual art. Many of the primary locations my characters visit are historical landmarks which celebrate architecture as a form of visual art.