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Paper and then some….

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Paper accounts for more than a third of all recyclables collected in the US, by weight. Nearly forty-five million tons of paper and paperboard were recovered in 2010—a recycling rate of over 63 percent.  While I illustrated my comic books I made sure to recycle each and every page. When I made my animated short films in undergraduate school, I didn’t have the opportunity to recycle all the paper I used. Much of it went into the trash. I calculated a rough estimate of the amount of pages I used while illustrating my comic books. I recycled somewhere around 4,618 sheets of paper and watercolor paper. The recycling continues…..

Number 10

Why would I write aGSpod Covernd illustrate a parody of my own books? Why not? It was fun and I got to add things I forgot in the original series. Stay tuned for Number 11 next year. For more details visit: https://www.gessosquad.com.