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Summer Flower Fun

Outside with flowers and a cool building. 

Yesterday was better in terms of head/shunt pain issues. Last Saturday specifically was the worst day in a long time, four hours of pain until it finally went away in the afternoon. My medical device gets temperamental depending on the weather and phases of the moon. I was fortunate enough earlier this month to go exploring with a friend and encountered several flowers and architecture.

It’s been a while since I completed a book and earlier this month, I finished working on one.  A short post about it can be found here.

6/1/19 – I don’t know what it is about Saturdays. Last Saturday was a bad shunt and head pain day. Today is also Saturday and it’s another bad chronic pain day. I tried again to take medication in the afternoon, and not much of an improvement even after 6pm. Continuous eye and shunt pain both at the same time.

6/2/19 – Shunt, eye and distal catheter pain in stomach at various time during the night, especially early in the morning like around 2am.  I could go on a profanity laced post about my shunt, I’m not going to though. I have a better idea about expressing my extreme frustration with my medical device.

More on that later…