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Grumpy with a side of tea

I’ve had shunt and forehead pain with a side nausea and right eye pain consistently for over a week now. The eye pain ( strabismus surgery eye ) happens at the same time as shunt and distal catheter pain. My shunt is probably adjusting itself or just being an unruly medical device or both. I’ve also had scalp sensitivity where my shunt is and am more aware of this when I comb my hair.

Either way, it’s made me grumpy and I’ve been staying indoors when I don’t have anywhere I need to be. Pain reliever’s haven’t been working.

I don’t think the settings are have changed. Although, I wouldn’t have anyway to check this because…

1. My neurologist doesn’t know how to check my shunt’s settings
2. The last neurosurgeon I saw in 2018, didn’t know how to do this either. Because…

Apparently the shunt I was given isn’t used anywhere nearby.

And this is just so helpful…

I can’t go back to my ex neurosurgeon (who placed this shunt) because I fired him and he got animated into one of my films…

All I can do is wait for this to go away.

And there’s always a little time for a tea…

Robots with lines

Graphite pencil sketch which
I liked more than the line drawing. 
Line drawing.

Started drawing again after a month off, lack of inspiration. One can draw only so many peppers and plastic vegetables. Graphite pencils have a interesting texture and I have several gradients from soft to firm which changes the shadows and line quality. In previous posts, I’ve drawn robots in the past which are smaller action figures. Recently, I’ve found just as much fun out of sketching stand alone figurines.