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I had five pain free days earlier this week. Kind of a small miracle, which should always be celebrated. Then about two days ago, all the shunt drama returned.  Shunt valve pain with dizziness, distal catheter pain, nausea ,pain in my right eye and scalp sensitivity where my shunt is located.  Last night, my balance was really off, I had walking issues and I was bumping into things.

I’ve read in the news that soldiers in Iran suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of an Iran Strike recently. The article can be reach here: 109 troops suffered brain injuries

I just hope these troops are getting the appropriate services they need to assist them in their recovery.

Symptoms of brain injury often never really ever go away completely…. A fellow survivor told me once, that recovery is a marathon and not a sprint.

In the meantime, I’ve re discovered word search puzzles, which I use to pass time when I’m not out saving the world through volunteering or drawing.

Robots with lines

Graphite pencil sketch which
I liked more than the line drawing. 
Line drawing.

Started drawing again after a month off, lack of inspiration. One can draw only so many peppers and plastic vegetables. Graphite pencils have a interesting texture and I have several gradients from soft to firm which changes the shadows and line quality. In previous posts, I’ve drawn robots in the past which are smaller action figures. Recently, I’ve found just as much fun out of sketching stand alone figurines.