Three Days and the Weather

The last three days the shunt has been causing me pain and throbbing frequently. This is followed by over drainage in my forehead, pain in the back of my head ( I suspect from the Chiari Malformation or from the Slit Ventricle Syndrome or both ). Pain medication doesn’t alleviate the sensations I feel. I’ve also been very tired, more so than usual and I think it’s again because of the shunt. Everything is working the way it should be.  I do believe the pain and sensations I feel could be due to the weather.  The temperature where I live has dropped quite a bit since the beginning of January.  In November and December we were spoiled with Spring like weather in the winter time with temperatures at 60 degrees.  Now it’s January and the temperature has plummeted to 15 degrees.

I believe there may be a link to the weather and my programmable shunt valve. 
Found other people talking about the very same thing I am:
I would ask my brain doctor about this but…. Oh wait…That’s right, I can’t find one who will listen to me. 
The search for a competent doctor continues…
In the meantime, I’m finding ways to keep my mind off of my shunt discomfort.  I am grateful the it’s actually working correctly.