Since the beginning of July, my shunt occasionally throbs in various places around my head and neck. At one point it decided it wanted to re-adjust itself three-four times a day for the first two weeks in July 2013. There were times when it would ‘over-pump” and I would feel slight pain which would last for three seconds then go away. It’s been like this off and on all summer. It’s not debilitating, just annoying. Today it happened again, this off throbbing sensation down my neck where the catheter is and some throbbing at the top of my head. Don’t get me started on sleeping on my right side. This sometimes causes the shunt to get a little clogged if my head is bent ever so slightly the wrong way on the pillow. I don’t want to over think what it could be because doing so would exacerbate the situation. So I must wait until later on this week when I go have my yearly Rapid Brain MRI and see what’s really going on inside my brain.