Sort of Glued

Went to see the new neurosurgeon today. He looked at my previous MRI’s from 2014 and my shunt x rays from 2014. He also saw the x rays I had done last week. In the MRI he showed me how there was a patch of scar tissue on the left side of my brain where my shunt used to be. He said the pain I’ve been feeling could be nerves still repairing themselves from the injuries I had in 2014. I also have slit ventricle syndrome from the damage caused by the incorrect placement of my shunt for 5 years. He said the type of shunt I have, proGav is temperamental which is one of the reasons why he doesn’t use them on his patients. He had said they’re tricky to program because you have to wait and see what the correct number (pressure setting) is for the patient. The some of the other types of programmable valves, you know instantly what the correct pressure setting is for the patient. He wasn’t sure if the pieces of my old shunt (which are still inside my neck behind my right ear and in my abdomen) could be removed. Attempting to take them could cause additional problems for my shunt or cause another stroke. Unless there’s a reason for surgery (obstructed shunt, infection) then I have this shunt until it gets obstructed again. I have to continue and take medication for pain,  I’ve already decided I won’t continue taking any medication after three months.