Seven Weeks

Still dealing with a lot of trauma and PTSD. The triggers are a bit much though….being in a hospital three days a week at the Recovery Center for Substance Abuse. The unit I am interning in is on the same floor as the acute stroke unit. I would pass by the stroke unit on my way to the Recovery Center. I started to enter the Center through the Outpatient side so I wouldn’t have to walk by the stroke unit…

For the first two months I was there in September and October, I wouldn’t leave the offices because just walking on the until, seeing the patient food trays, patient rooms and the smell of the hospital is also a trigger…

Funny enough we’re reading about all the different type of traumas in school. I just closed a case at the hospital this week where I was working with a 29 year old veteran from the Marines who has PTSD.

Because of the experience I had, now I’m hypersensitive and feel each time when the shunt over drains or pumps too much in my stomach. I also have occasional pain in my abdomen and have had what I think is nerve pain and throbbing in two parts of my brain. On the left side and on the top right corner. There is numbness there too. Not sure what it is when I go see the new neurologist perhaps he/she can offer some insight. Counting down the weeks until I get my eye fixed which will be on the third week of March. 

I have an appointment next month to meet with my dentist to get fitted for a stabilization splint to wear inside my mouth at night. It’s suppose to help alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder I developed after all the brain trauma experienced last March. 

When I’m not going crazy with everything that’s been going on I make some time for art. Currently dealing with the PTSD and trauma slowly through EMDR therapy. It’s hard to get people to understand therapy is a process. I think some people just want everything to be better instantly because they themselves can’t handle or don’t want to think about the pain you are experiencing. 

Seven weeks until I get my eye fixed the third week of March.