Right eye in third month

Right eye as of June 3.

The redness is completely gone from my right eye.  As expected, it took exactly three months for my right eye adjust to the surgery I had in March. I still have some double vision when I move my head to the right. Driving is a lot easier than it was when I started in April. I hadn’t driven in 1 year and 13 days.  It was an adjustment getting used to operating a vehicle and all the multi-tasking involved.

Now in June, I feel I’m driving the same way I was a year ago.  Not as disturbed by the concept of the physical space between me and the steering wheel. In April, I would see more double vision when I looked in the car mirrors on the right side and at the blind spots on the right. Now, I don’t have double vision as much in the car as I used to. It’s fascinating how the brain and the eyes are able to auto-correct.