Eye Surgery, Part VI

Image of my right eye as of March 20

Around 8:45am yesterday, I was getting dressed to enter into the pre-operating room.  The surgery I wasn’t worried about since I would be asleep. I was more livid about the situation and why I was having eye surgery from the brain injuries I had last year. Happy my eye was something which could be fixed.   Once I had the IV inserted into my arm and my glasses removed the eye surgeon asked me if I still had double vision. I replied, yes and he put up two thumbs and said good.

When I entered into the operating room I laid down onto the bed with a small circle pillow. The last words I heard before I fell asleep was the nurse telling me she as putting a warm blanket on my legs to keep the warm even though I had on a full body suit.

The eye surgery started at 10:30am. The procedure took an hour and a half. I have single vision, sort of.  When I woke up “five minutes later’ at 12:30pm the surgeon was measuring my eyes to see whether they were aligned or not. Since they were he didn’t need to make any adjustments. My right eye was given numbing drops and a very small metal prop was placed inside my eye to keep it open.  I looked up to see what I think were metal tweezers plucking away at the two remaining stitches inside my right eye.

I was home by the afternoon. When I look straight ahead I see single vision. When I look from left to right while looking straight ahead images don’t shift. However, when I move my head to the right or the left the image shift slightly to the left or right and I have some double vision, then realign automatically after a second. Looking down then up again there is a shift again back into single vision, the same when looking up.

It’s an adjustment seeing in widescreen when I’ve had one eye covered for one year and 10 days. The shifting of the images is odd, and will take a while getting used to. I’ve discovered when I close my eyes for a second while I turn my head I don’t notice the shifting of images as much.  I can drive again in a few weeks.

 My right eye has some redness which should go away in a 3-4 days. The eye surgeon said it would take three months for my eye to fully adjust to the surgery. For now my eye is swollen, bumpy and in pain which should go down in a week. I still have the expectation I’m going to see double when I look above my glasses which is going to take some getting used to.