Eye Surgery, Part II

I went to an eye glasses office yesterday to see how the prism sticker would work with my glasses and correct the double vision while I wait to have surgery in March. It didn’t work. When I’m not wearing my glasses with tape covering the right lens, I see two of everything. When I move my head to the left the two images get closer, then separate. Moving my head to the right causes the two images to move further apart from each other. When I had the prism sticker on my glasses yesterday I could see one image when looking straight ahead. But When I moved my head left or right the images would shift and move just like when I’m not wearing my glasses with one lenses covered.  It was suggested I go see my neuro-opthamologist again to have the prescription split between two lenses. Perhaps the images won’t move when my head does. If it doesn’t work I’ll have to keep the tape on my lens until March when I get my eye muscle corrected.