Dear Shunt, I hate you part V

Dear Shunt,
Too bad separation isn’t an option. Unless I want my brain to herniate without you.
Hamsa pendant I made at library earlier this week. 
In other news…

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week I had consistent all day shunt pain, nausea and right eye pain. Not sure where the right eye pain was coming from. Whether this was related to TMJ or my eye surgery 3 years ago. 

I suspect shunt pain is from the thunderstorm we had on Thursday night. Yesterday and today have been better. Tuesday, I had an arts & crafts workshop at my local library. The shunt valve pain was bad and I decided to attend anyway. 
I had to leave early as the pain was bothering me. I was happy to put my head down once I got back home. Pain reliever minimized the pain, only for it to return later.  I also don’t make a habit of taking too many pain relievers during the day.