1am again

I was up until 1am this morning because my shunt valve was hurting me.  The sharp stabbing pains on  the top right corner of my head just wouldn’t go away. I took one asprin at 12am because it was driving me insane.  I recorded the following:

Headache in forehead at  5am and
7am. Took one ibuprofen took away headache. 
Vibrations inside head around 2:20pm-2:23pm.  Sharp pain in back of head around
3pm.  Took one Percocet with dinner
alleviated headache pain but not shunt pain. 
Fluid buildup/pressure in back of head around 7:38pm 

( back of head felt
full of pressure when moving from side to side) Sharp pains on shunt valve
multiple times between 8:20pm – 12:46am.