Since July 2013 I’ve been feeling vibrations inside my head, pain down
the right side of my neck where my catheter is, pain in my abdomen and stomach,
feeling the catheter clog in my stomach, four seizures ( in October and
November ) which I haven’t had since I was 3 months old before the shunt was
placed, numbness in parts of my head, pain on the shunt valve and
pain/throbbing in random places in my head, over drainage and csf pressure
buildup in the back of my head and forehead ( this happened last Friday and has
happened multiple times since July. He did say it could mean the shunt is
clogged in one area, but they’re not sure.  He wants me to make an
appointment to see him next week so we can discuss the matter again. Not sure
yet if I want to do this.  I could see the benefits of hearing more of
what he has to say. I’m also not in the mood to visiting their office.
 It’s obvious the shunt is over draining and I would need a new valve
which is the only way to resolve some of these issues. The catheter in my
stomach could also be dislodged and hasn’t been replaced since 1993.  I
think I need it replaced, but they’re hesitant to do this for the reasons
mentioned above. I’ve been given all sorts of pain medication which does
nothing to relieve my symptoms. I have no way of relieving the pain I feel.
 I’m going to try and get an appointment with another neurosurgeon to get
their opinion. But how much longer?