My right eye has improved and I don’t look as crossed eyed as before. The images are starting to align in the far corners first then moving inward. The pain is still there from the muscles putting themselves back into place. There are times where it feels like my eye is being stabbed with a sharp object. Pressure is also being relieved off the left eye, but not as much as the right. I believe I could have my right eye back by the end of July. If not then, it should be before the end of August.

Right eye as of July 10

There’s still something going on with the catheter in my stomach. Everyday I feel sharp, throbbing pains where the catheter is both underneath previous revision scars and from the top to the bottom of my stomach. I was given an adjustment in May and that helped alleviate some of my symptoms. I suspect I’ll need another when I see my doctor again next month. The challenging part is having to wait until then.