About brain time

I finally got an appointment to see a new neurosurgeon. I’ve been calling their offices for a little over six months. I kept getting the ‘run around’ with whichever receptionist was on the other end of the phone. For some reason each time I called, the person on the other end was very short with me and dismissive. In other words “well, if you’re not having surgery, then you don’t need to see the neurosurgeon.’

The only different this time, was I had a referral to see a neurosurgeon from my neurologist.

Rainbow from street.

I wasn’t about to take ‘no’ for an answer, either. The last time I didn’t have a neurosurgeon ( and whoever was available performed surgery ) my shunt was placed on the wrong side of my brain and stayed like that for five years until it was finally repaired (twice) in 2014.

I don’t want to have surgery again unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I also have some trust issues I’m still working on…

Yay!! For me for being persistent! I also saw a rainbow earlier in the week before I achieved success in getting my Dr. appointment.

I saw this as a good omen….