2015 Eye Surgery Notes

I had to have eye muscle surgery in order to correct my double vision after having multiple brain injuries in March 2014. I was able to get a hold of my operative report from my eye surgery in 2015, which I had been curious about. After each operation I have, I order the images ( X Rays, CT and MRI scans ) plus the operative reports from the doctor. I like to read about what happened to me while I was under general anesthesia.

Here are some excerpts from the long report:

Part I:  The patient was brought into the operating room and

placed under general anesthesia. The eyes were prepped and draped in sterile
fashion. The right eye was in a slightly adducted position. Forced duction
testing demonstrated mild increased tone to the right medial rectus, and reduced
tone to the lateral rectus. The left horizontal muscle tone was normal.
An eyelid speculum was placed into the right eye. A radial fornix incision was
created in the inferonasal quadrant and the medial rectus muscle was placed onto
a Guyton hook.
And later…

Part II: The muscle was reposited and verified to be hung back 3.5 mm from the insertion
against the noose. The pole sutures were left untied to allow for post-operative
adjustment. A four-limbed traction suture of 5-0 Mersilene was placed through
the insertion and the sclera near the limbus. 

Towards the end….

Part III: The remaining stump was excised from the globe and hemostasis was established with cautery. Both ends of the Vicryl were passed partial thickness through the original insertion and tied with a surgeon’s knot. The conjunctiva was closed with interrupted sutures of 6-0 plain.
The eyelid speculum was removed. One drop Betadyne ophthalmic solution followed
by several drops Blephamide were placed into the right eye. A patch and shield
were placed. The patient was awoken and taken to the recovery room in good