2 weeks and 3 days

Butterfly seen in July trip to Hersey Park.

This summer has been the most uncomfortable for my shunt. I don’t remember the previous year being this awkward. Ever since the weather got more humid, I’ve had consistent nausea, shunt, scalp pain. In addition to right eye pain. I did however, have two weeks in June and three days this month were everything was perfect. There were rainbows and butterflies happily dancing inside my head. ( I use this as an example because seeing rainbows and butterflies outside makes me happy). Not feeling well from my injuries and shunt often brings down my mood and makes me less social and isolating. Sometimes I just want to stay home and read/draw because having to interact with a group of people is information overload on my brain.

My cat, Stella and I 
When the days are really bad, I’ll refer to this photo

When I meet my new neurosurgeon, I’ll inquire about him checking the settings on my shunt. Most of my pain issues vary from recovering from my injuries to the shunt adjusting and readjusting every time I move my head. Checking the settings would make me feel better knowing it’s on the level it should be.

I do wish I could have a non programmable shunt valve. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about this.

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