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Part One Finale

GESSO SQUAD The Graphic Novel Volume Four: Adaro and the Singing Bowls has arrived and is on Amazon.com. It’s been fun seeing my characters come to live in color through these graphic novels. Now I get to start writing Part Two which will consist of fifteen more “episodes”. Only four more graphic novels to go until the series finale…stay tuned.

Ink and Paint

I haven’t been logging how many hours it takes to create one graphic novel from start to finish.  With the second volume due out soon, I have some idea of how long it takes to “render” one chapter. Technically, I’m doing the work of multiple people which includes: drawing, inking, painting, image and page layout.

Here’s the rundown for Chapter 6:

1.  1 to 2 hours to convert orignal text from the chapter book into a script.
2. 2 hours to storyboard from original screenplay.
3. 12 hours to sketch, ink and paint all the characters and backgrounds
4. 5 hours for scanning all of theses images  ( a total of 87 images including drawings and paintings ) into Adobe Illustrator.
5. 9 hours for compositing all of these images together. Assembling the image layout and adding all the diaglogue.
6. Less than 1 hour to assemble the page spreads in Adobe InDesign.

Chapter 7 is on it’s way to completion. So far the first two chapters in Volume Two are 20-22 pages in length. My guess is Chapter 7 will be no more than 25 at the most. The lower page count for this edition will make it much cheaper than Volume One, which was at 163 pages….

After Volume Two is complete, I may take a break from the drawing and painting. I’ve considered changing the format of the 2nd chapter book…possibly writing it in script format. Doing so would elminate the time of converting all the third person narrative into a screenplay….

Gesso Squad Graphic Novel Volume One: 1,000 Star Demons and a Rain God was entered into the Eric Hoffer Awards. I’ll get the results in Mid-March.

One day, I’ll get paid to illustrate and write these books. After Volume Two, there are eight more graphic novels…