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Charcoal Pencil Vegetable Magic

Line pencil drawing of a gourd. While drawing,
it reminded me of a spaceship.
Graphite pencil sketch of pepper

I’ve re discovered a charcoal pencil in my art bin. I was getting tired of drawing with the usual graphite pencils. This month I also explored adding colored pencils to my drawings, which brings them to life a bit.

Some of these gourds and peppers often remind me of animals or rocket ships.

I’ve drawn them so many times, you’d think I’d have them memorized by now. Sometimes, I notice the drawings can be a little stylized. I’ve been trying to be more aware of when I do so.
It is fun to add over exaggeration, stylizing and incorrect proportions for imaginative purposes.

Pencil line drawing of pepper. Varying the line
quality from light to dark.

Pencil line drawing of gourd
with colored pencil. Reminds me of a penguin. 

4 days and a Santa Claus

For quite a while now, I’ve had some really good pain free shunt/chronic pain days. 


Four days this week….I had elevated pressure in my forehead followed by distal catheter pain in the side of my neck. Additional pain in the shunt valve which felt like someone had taken a needle in plunged it into my shunt, shooting down inside my head. Some nausea and distal catheter pain in my stomach plus pain in the side of my head. 

This went on for the last four days, starting very early on Tuesday morning. 
Like around 1am.  
Finally, today I had some relief with no shunt or head pain at all. 
Pain medication did nothing for me over the last four days.
I suspect my shunt was either adjusting itself, reacting to the moon and responding to the plunge in weather. In my area, it was like 25 degrees at the beginning of this week. 
The good news is, besides being pain free for the minute, other things that have brought me joy this week are….
Example of black santa claus decor 
1.  Black Santa Claus decorations at my local mall. 
It’s still too early for me for Christmas music. Seeing decorations that have a skin tone similar to mine, brings me joy and for a brief moment when I’m not feeling well, makes me smile. 
2. Having songs from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head after seeing the live action/animated show on television last week. I will always love the animated version, I’m a little biased being an animator myself….Still seeing the live action/animated version and hearing the songs again made me happy and was a brief distraction from my head issues…
3. Nintendo…in moderation….
Let’s hope for more pain free days and less sharp pains in my shunt that radiate into my head….